JK Uniforms - Catch Up With This Currently Hottest Style

Are you impressed by the unique and outstanding outfits in countless anime schoolgirl characters? Are you a fashion enthusiast and searching for exclusive clothes to lend your visual interest? JK uniforms would be the most suitable answer for you. Let us - ntbhshop show you more about this latest hottest style. 

What is JK Uniform?

JK is the short form of 女子高生 (Joshi Kosei) which means high school girls in Japanese. Speaking of JK uniforms, people's mainstream impression is the most classic sailor suit. The sailor suit comes from the clothing of the early British navy and was formerly the clothing of navy soldiers in Japan. At the beginning of the 20th century, Japanese schools took the lead in consolidating sailor suit design into school uniforms. They are often well designed and fashionable which makes them a unique symbol of youth in Japan.

Typical kinds of JK Uniforms

Principally, JK uniforms can be divided into sailor suits and Western-style uniforms.

Sailor suits

Sailor suits developed from the uniform of the British Navy. According to the discrepancy between the neckline style and the decorative thread on the collar, there are many styles. Sailor suits are described to several collar types, such as Kanto collar, Kansai collar, and so on. It was first embraced by Fukuoka Women's Academy as a gym suit in 1921, and then progressively became a formal uniform. Before the war, all female students in Japan wore sailor suits, and according to national conditions, the original bottom half of the pants were also modified into skirts. There is also a misconception that the public realizes that sailor suits are sexy clothes or not. Sexy uniforms are usually close to the body and highlight the curve. Nevertheless, sailor suits are never a slim fit. They are more likely the representation of beauty and youth.

Western-style uniforms

Many high schools started to use Western-style uniforms in the last decade of the 20th century. Fortunately, these stable and mature styles rose the learning atmosphere and reduced other problems of national education. Because the western style is not easy to remodel, it became well-known and attracted a huge amount of students. As a result, these uniforms gradually substituted the traditional sailor suit and attended a large area of ​​Japanese schools. Common Western-style uniforms generally include: shirts, checked skirts, bow ties (tie), cardigans (vest), suit jackets, etc.

Becoming a global trend

In recent years, there have been three cosplay fashion trends: Lolita, Hanfu, and JK uniforms. Although the first two trends are visually superior to JK uniforms, they are not recommended to use as casual clothes. To wear a Lolita skirt or Hanfu suit, you need to apply various complicated kinds of stuff with fancy makeup. However, JK is not that trouble. It is inexpensive, attractive, and can be used as everyday clothing, which constitutes the prerequisites for the unexpected outbreak of these uniforms this year. With the enlargement of the scale of enthusiasts, the whole community has become more lively. Through the insight engine of the Times, this trend is getting more and more attention and love from users on different social networking sites.

The popularity of JK uniforms is because many Japanese animations show a uniform culture. Since most Japanese anime protagonists are high school students, young people have no strangeness to these clothes. With the development of the times, people have gradually developed a crystallized view of these kinds of uniforms. 

The conclusion

JK uniforms are admitted and chosen by more and more people, and the market has emerged accordingly. Ntbhshop is here to promote this culture in the US to let more people see the beauty of this style. We hope one day people here are more accepting of what people wear and respect each others' style!

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